Vejle Handelsskole

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Vejle Business College


Task: Artistic design, colour scheme and signage

Scale: Vejle Business College’s new extension

Builder: Vejle Business College

Architects: CUBO

The idea behind the artistic design for the new extension of Vejle Business College is to place focus on the students.

The students are the essential core of the college and they are the ones to set the agenda in the future. Our aim is to create a frame that reflects and accommodates those students who are attending Vejle Business College right now. 

The glazing is a monochrome colour plane that creates a deep ‘colour mirror’ in which the students’ shadows, silhouettes and movements are reflected and become part of the building’s expression.

The glazing features printed silhouettes of the students. The silhouettes are images of the students that create forms that are repeated in a composition across the entire glazing area, toward the atrium.

On the main entrance door is printed ‘Vejle Business College’ in the students’ own handwriting. The many different signatures demonstrate the students’ unique personalities.

The colours are chosen so as to juxtapose the building’s classical graphic colours and provide a challenge.